EPIC ELITE is a Mastermind & Community for Entrepreneurs who want to ACCELERATE Success.  

We Live & Work EPIC!

Join us to meet and learn directly from Successful Entrepreneurs.  Ask questions pertinent to your business.  THRIVE, not just survive

I'm Ready to Thrive!


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If for any reason EPIC ELITE is not for you, email us within 30-days and we'll issue a 100% refund.

We want you to Live & Work EPIC. That means we want you to be happy about how you spend your time and money.  Seriously.  

Entrepreneurship is Tough

Being an entrepreneur, especially one that works from home or conducts business online, is really hard.

You can feel isolated, with no one to bounce ideas off of & provide feedback. It is easy to spend way too much time and money working on the wrong things.

Having a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to connect with is ESSENTIAL to your success. If you are serious about being a successful entrepreneur you must invest in yourself. Education, connections and mentorship will PROPEL you the next level and equip you to Live & Work EPIC!

You are in the Right Place! 

> Create or Expand your business 
> Increase Income 
> Connect with like-minded Entrepreneurs 
> Test Ideas for your Product/Service/Podcast 
> Give/Get Support 
(Reviews for your Book, Product or Podcast) 
> Give/Get Social Media Support (Retweets, LIKES, Shares) 

> Get Feedback on your Copy, Web Site or Podcast
> Give/Get Accountability 
> Grow your Email List 
> Share Knowledge & Experience 
> Define Personal Brand (Elevator Pitch, How you help others) 
> Define Business Brand (Avatar, Target Audience, Logo, Offer)

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." -Jim Rohn

Entrepreneurs face many obstacles.  Reinventing the wheel shouldn't be one of them.  We want to help you leverage our knowledge and experience running businesses in a variety of industries.  

As mentors who have been in the trenches, we didn't enjoy turning people away.  We knew we could help but their budget was smaller than our fees. {Consulting is $500/hour, Group Mentoring starts at $4500/person, Private Mentoring starts at $7500.}

Now we have an option for Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs at all stages of business.  At a fraction of our Mentor rates, EPIC ELITE Mastermind is affordable. (Roughly the daily price of a coffee and muffin at Starbucks.)  Investing in your life and business is worth much more than that! 

EPIC ELITE  offers the opportunity to skip rungs of the ladder.  We help you save time, money & energy.  Join us to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and thrive, personally and professionally.

Save $300! (That's a month FREE!)